Remembering Linda Dickerson

Ms. Dickerson (bottom left) pictured with other former chairs of the Life'sWork White House Dinner

Pictured above: Ms. Dickerson (bottom left) pictured with other former chairs of the Life’sWork White House Dinner

We at Life’sWork offer our deepest condolences to the family of Linda Dickerson following her passing on September 26, 2020. Ms. Dickerson was a champion for people with disabilities and worked tirelessly to support organizations providing opportunity to those who need it, making an impact that will be felt in our community for generations to come. We honor her memory as a relentless and passionate voice on behalf of individuals seeking to overcome barriers to enjoying a full and purposeful life.

Ms. Dickerson was very active in the Pittsburgh nonprofit community through consulting work, fundraising, and advocacy. As a member of the disabled community herself, she was committed to finding paths to independence for individuals with disabilities and was a living testament to inclusion – at home, at work, or in the community. Her monumental accomplishments included the successful campaign to make the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) federal law in the early ’90s.

Life’sWork was among the many non-profit organizations Ms. Dickerson supported in Southwestern PA. We had the pleasure of working alongside Ms. Dickerson during her 11-year tenure as a member of the Life’sWork Board of Directors and in her role on the Ambassador’s Council. From 1997-2008, she guided the agency on a multitude of initiatives, including the era of transition from the Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) to our current name. Her input helped to shape Life’sWork as we know it today.

Thank you, Ms. Dickerson, for being an inspiration to us all to keep working toward creating a community where everyone belongs.

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