Making Lives Work Better

The Need
Creating Self Sustainability
of our clients are able to find meaningful employment that suits their skills and interests.
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Meaningful Employment Opportunities for People Who Have the Desire to Work
Employment For Adults with Disabilities
We work with employers throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania to help adults with disabilities train for, find and maintain meaningful employment that help them achieve greater independence.
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Youth Services
Our Youth Employment Services empower teens to grow into flourishing adults. We meet teens wherever they are, connecting both disadvantaged and youth with disabilities with opportunities to work, grow and become a part of their community.
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Business Services
For nearly a century, Life’sWork has undertaken a wide range of industry contracts, including manufacturing assistance, custom assembly, and fulfillment services to regional business partners providing essential support as well as employment opportunities to people with disabilities.
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Our story is our clients' stories.
Life'sWork strives to make Southwestern Pennsylvania a place where everyone can live, work and thrive in the communities of their choice. Learn how we help build dreams and foster real independence and value for all members of our community.

Stories from Life’sWork