Looking Back: 2021 Client Celebration Picnic

We are taking the time this week to look back at our 2021 Client Celebration, an annual event in which we honor the hard work and milestone anniversaries of the clients that Life’sWork of Western PA serves! This year was especially meaningful to our clients, who missed out on a year’s worth of celebrations, events, and parties due to the pandemic. Luckily, this May we were able to throw our biggest and best celebration yet to show our clients the appreciation that they deserve!
Our milestone anniversaries at this year’s celebration ranged from 5 years to 40 years! Many of the individuals that we recognized have transitioned through the many services that we offer throughout their tenure. While some may have started in our Facility Based Vocational Rehabilitation (FBVR) Program and remained there, we have still watched them flourish and find a sense of independence through meaningful employment. Other clients have made the transition from FBVR to our Small Group Staffing Program, Competitive Integrated Employment, or may even have a hybrid schedule working in many different programs. No matter what employment opportunities our clients have been involved in, we recognize and proudly celebrate their hard work and dedication. Meaningful employment has been a constant in the century that Life’sWork has served its clients and we continue to grow the opportunities available for each individual that we support today.
Click here to view our event highlight video!

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