Keeping Hydrated Thanks to Creekside Springs


Life’sWork would like to give a huge thank you to Creekside Springs!​ ​Creekside Springs is donating 30 cases of bottled water to support the ​Life’sWork of Western PA 29​th Annual Golf Invitational​. We are so grateful to Creekside Springs​ as they provide quality through their people, product and services. Through Creekside Spring’s generous donation, our golfers will stay hydrated in the hot august heat!​ ​

Creekside Springs is a​ ​local supplier​ of bottled water. The company bottles water that comes from their protected natural springs which are located in Salineville, Ohio. Creekside also operates bottling facilities in Ambridge, PA. Their spring water is never treated with any harsh chemicals or additives and is very refreshing and helps us all stay healthy and safe! All of Creekside Springs water is of the highest quality. In addition to following quality protocols of the SQF Institute and GMP, they are also inspected by the FDA, PA and OH Department of Environmental Protection, NSF, IBWA and the Bureau of Food Safety.

Thank you, Creekside Springs!

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