John Iskey- A Hero at Life’sWork


A client from our Belle Vernon location has been deemed a hero following a motor vehicle accident this past month. John, an individual employed through Life’sWork’s Direct Facility-Based Employment Services, suffers from seizures and other intellectual disabilities. Though he may be shy at first, his mighty smile and friendly personality let you in on the fact that he is just the type of man who would be kind and brave enough to save the day.

In May on their way to dinner, John and his sister were in an accident that caused their vehicle to go off the road and down a hill, out of visible sight. John, despite his fear from the accident, quickly sprung into action. He was able to remove himself from the vehicle and ran to the road for help for his sister who was stuck. John flagged down a firefighter and is the reason his sister was able to get help quickly.

Like a true hero, John never complained about the incident. Instead, Life’sWork found out weeks later only from his support coordinator. What is even more special is how John was able to persevere and act as any great brother would, regardless of any of the challenges he faces on a day-to-day basis.

John is most excited to be featured at Life’sWork’s infamous “Wall of Fame”- a section in the facility where all clients who do something special are featured. Life’sWork is so proud of John!

John and his sister are both doing well since the accident.

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