Providing young people with support in identifying goals and the skills needed to become work-ready and career-focused.

Through quality youth employment services, we help a generation receive the training and guidance needed to find employment or further education—along with support throughout the process.


Helping individuals pursue their dreams and live a more independent life.


Life’sWork believes that every youth has the potential to find a positive path on the way to adulthood. Some just need help along the way to find their strengths and learn how to make healthy decisions. We help youth overcome obstacles through our continuum of services, seminars, and trainings that help these individuals get on the right track.

Independent living skills

The transition from school to young adult life can be stressful, scary, and challenging. But it can also be full of opportunity and possibility for youth to engage in the life they have always wanted. Life’sWork offers a suite of special education, employment training, and support for youth with disabilities to fill the gap and help them succeed.


The Life’sWork of Western PA Youth & Transition program offers travel training. The Life’sWork travel training program’s goal is to teach the student to travel independently and safely. Travel education provides students independence and an invaluable skill for life beyond school, including the ability to travel for employment, further education, and social purposes. At the end of the curriculum, the student will have knowledge of the transit system, increased independence, confidence, and improved self-esteem.

Workplace readiness

Life’sWork provides a youth-centered, holistic approach to work readiness training to ensure a successful transition from goal to goal by focusing on the individual youth’s needs, education, and social and vocational development. We are committed to helping youth identify goals and make plans for their futures, equipping young people with the skills and confidence they need to get jobs and pursue careers.

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