Adult Services

Providing adults with disabilities an opportunity to overcome barriers.

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is three times higher than that of people without disabilities. Through our Supported Group Employment, Small Group Staffing, and Community Participation Supports, we’re providing adults with disabilities an opportunity to overcome barriers to employment. 


Helping individuals pursue their dreams and live a more independent life.


In addition to serving our regional business partners with an array of kitting projects, mail fulfillment services, custom assembling, and manufacturing work, Life’sWork Direct Facility Based Employment Services offer opportunities and support for clients to be a part of our community inclusion programs—building interest, developing skills, and providing the potential for competitive, integrated employment at sites beyond Life’sWork.


Individuals get to enrich their lives in many ways through community experiences of their choice, which include volunteer opportunities, cultural experiences, and recreation. The possibilities of new friendships, positive life experiences, and even employment are always within reach through these ventures.

Small Group Staffing

For clients who are ready to embrace work opportunities beyond our facilities but who still require on-site job support, we partner with regional businesses who employ small client teams, accompanied by a job coach, to work in an integrated, competitive environment where they can grow, learn, and experience new things.

Supported Employment

Life’sWork provides a supported environment for individuals more comfortable in a supervised group setting. While much of the time is devoted to direct employment, most clients choose to engage in our Community Participation program, which affords many opportunities for clients to connect with the world outside our facility.

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Find out how we help people with disabilities gain valuable experience. 

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