Services for Youth with Disabilities

The transition from school to young adult life can be stressful, scary and challenging. But it can also be full of opportunity and possibility for youth to engage in the life they have always wanted. Life’sWork offers a suite of special education, employment training and support for youth with disabilities to fill the gap and help them succeed.


Services for Youth Facing Other Barriers

Life’sWork believes that every youth has the potential to find a positive path on the way to adulthood. Some just need help along the way to find their strengths and learn how to make healthy decisions. We help youth overcome obstacles through our continuum of services, seminars and trainings that help these individuals get on the right track.


Helping youth reach their full potential.

If you would like more information on how we help young people build the skills and access meaningful opportunities they need to become work-read, please contact Ed Frye, Director of Client Services & Mon Valley Division at (412) 559- 4798.