Program Structure


With opportunities for vocational assessment and job search support, we ensure that our clients are ready to enter or re-enter the workforce, equipping them for success in recovery and in the workplace. We cover the following:

  • Identifying barriers and establishing a foundation for recovery
  • Building communication, interview, computer, and self-advocacy skills
  • Resources specific to each participant’s needs


Matching each client with a position that reflects their skills and interests allows each individual to thrive in recovery and at work. We help clients visualize life after addiction through:

  • Identifying individualized vocation and suitable positions
  • Assisting in the application and interview process
  • Working with employers on job development opportunities


We remain in contact with the participant, treatment facility and employer as needed to ensure success. During this time, job coaches and clients continue to work on areas that need addressing or improvement. This may involve:

  • Continuing job coaching services and intervention on a case-by-case basis
  • Finding new employment for individuals who haven’t found the right fit

Employer Education


We strive to eliminate the stigma that employers may have towards individuals with OUD. Part of our placement process includes an educational component geared towards potential partnering organizations, addressing several topics and myths about hiring an individual with OUD, such as:

“What is the difference between addiction and recovery?”

“Why is it beneficial to hire individuals in recovery?”

“What if a participant relapses?”

“What policies should I have in place?”

“What are the risks and how am I protected?”

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