Vocational Evaluation

Our Vocational Evaluation program provides individuals with a chance to explore their interests and engage in a variety of simulated job opportunities.

After each work sample is completed, a Vocational Evaluation Specialist profiles the individual’s strengths, needs and interests before recommending a path to meaningful employment through competitive placement, further education & training, or further skill development and work readiness programs.

Occupational areas represented in the evaluation include:

  • Skilled Trades
  • Assembly
  • Food Service
  • Environmental Services
  • Cashiering
  • General Clerk
  • Business Administration
  • Informational Technology

Community-Based Work Assessment (CBWA)

After we take some time to understand an individual’s interests and skills, we put them to the test by giving them a chance to perform real work in the actual worksite.

Alongside one of our Workforce Development Specialists, we take individuals into the workforce, trying several different types of jobs to help us define their unique skills, experience and genuine interest in performing that type of work.

Community-Based Assessment allows our clients to gain a better understanding of how they can leverage their talents, skills and interests in the workplace while helping them become more confident in their abilities to integrate in their community and work alongside their peers.

How Does Life’sWork Make a Difference?

For more information on Evaluation & Assessment Programs, please contact Chris Phelps for our Pittsburgh Office at (412) 471-2600, x330 or email at cphelps@lifesworkwpa.org or contact Ed Frye, Director of Mon Valley Division at 724-684-3630 x713 for our Mon Valley Office.