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Work Ready

The most effective pathway out of poverty is a steady, well-paying job. Our Work Ready program is designed to build pathways and knock down barriers to employment for TANF recipients – providing them with the support, training and experiences they need to get back on the right track. We work one-on-one with our clients to learn more about them, and what they want in employment. Then we provide them with the vocational education, career development services and customized counseling to help them along the path to gainful employment.

Tuition-Free Training Courses

Your career begins here. At Life’sWork, we provide tuition-free training courses that are designed to get unemployed and underemployed adults workforce ready. From initial assessment and development to search assistance and ongoing support, we’re committed to guide our participants down a path of independence and self-sufficiency.

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Job Placement

There’s never been a better time to get to work. After our clients have completed their skills training, we connect them with the experiences and opportunities they need to start building real careers. Clients place in jobs receive lifelong services that include regular on-site visits, counseling, and follow along to promote job retention and long-term career advancement.

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