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About Jaymie

Life’s Work is much more than providing clients a place for assembly, kitting, and mailing jobs. It is about finding your inner passion, jump-starting your ambition, and ultimately finding yourself within society. One extraordinary Life’sWork client, Jaymie, demonstrates a great example of what our mission is all about. Beginning with our youth program, Jaymie molded herself through perseverance and eventually found the confidence to move into an apartment on her own. Enthusiastic and willing to try different opportunities through the various Life’sWork programs, Jaymie was able to experience different job opportunities through business partners such as Gamma Sports, Little Earth Productions, the University of Pittsburgh, and Coen Oil. Jaymie explains that through all of her different involvements, Gamma Sports was her favorite, and is eager to go back. Life’sWork of Western PA’s Coordinator of Adult Services, Ed O’Rourke mentions that “empowerment” would be a perfect word to describe Jaymie as she enabled herself to take public transportation & move into an apartment all by herself. Whenever an opportunity arises, she will find the ambition and seize control of it.


Life’sWork Youth Services program focuses on helping young children with disabilities and/or socio-economic disadvantages find and maintain employment. At Life’sWork we like to think that the employment barriers are more like hurdles in which we coach our clients well enough to leap over the obstacle and develop tunnel vision for achieving their desired goals. With support from our job coaches, we can assist our clients within the community, in our facility, or through supported employment to help identify goals, develop the skills to tackle desired goals, and with time and determination become work-ready, career-focused, and one with society. Furthermore, our job does not stop there, Life’sWork fills the gap by providing necessary accommodations to students or youth with disabilities including but not limited to; Work Readiness & Life Skills seminars, Educational & Career Planning, and even Certifications. Above all else, Life’sWork is extremely client-focused, filling in their needs and helping with their goals. Whether we help clients find ones-self in the community or offer clients a job within our facility, you can count on Life’sWork for being their helping hand. 

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To hear Jaymie’s story and in order for Life’sWork to stay true to its mission, we rely on donors like you to help and change lives. If you are willing to help Jaymie and many others like her, consider pressing the button below.

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