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Human Services
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Life’sWork’s programs and services address job training, placement and career development needs of individuals with disabilities or other hiring barriers through a sequence of developmental stages, beginning with exploration, and advancing through establishment and maintenance phases of career development. Specifically, Life’sWork’s employment strategies help job seekers to meet their personal and employment goals through case management, counseling, job training and vocational assistance, recognize gaps and help them secure basic needs, learn and utilize appropriate social cues in employment and promote positive family relationships and provide support networks.

In order to succeed with these strategies, Life’sWork has different Adult and Youth Services to meet the needs of every individual.

Adult Services

Supported Employment
Work Adjustment Training
Extended Employment
Transitional Services 

Youth Services

Project Choice
Project Match
Workforce Investment Act Program
Pre-Employment Transitional Services


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Vocational Evaluation

Youth Programs

Adult Programs




  • Job Placement
  • Supported Employment
  • Case Management
  • Vocation Evaluations Assessments
  • Travel Orientation
  • Job Coaching
  • Staff & Peer Mentoring
  • Employment Preparation Activities
  • Customer Service Training Program
  • Environmental Services Training Crew
  • Mobile Work Crew
  • Project Choice -Self-sufficiency program for juvenile offenders and at-risk youth (ages 12-21) with or without disabilities.
  • Project Match - Helping young adults between the ages of 16 and 23 with significant disabilities to transition from the classroom to the working world.
  • Workforce Investment Act program - A work readiness program for young adults between the ages of 17 and 21 that focuses on preparing them for the workforce through several work experiences and evaluations.


  • In-Home Service Program - Intensive program designed to preserve and strengthen families.
  • Caring Closet - Provides clothing for those in need. 
  • Food Pantry 
  • Diaper Bank