Our clients are our Life'sWork



Where is Life’sWork located?

Life’sWork is headquartered in Pittsburgh and has a branch in Belle Vernon and North Side.

How did Life’sWork begin?

Life'sWork started in 1927 as an “experiment” to find out if women who were “handicapped by housework and children and could not leave their homes” could contribute to the family budget. Women were trained to be seamstresses, and their finished garments were featured and sold at fashion shows hosted by the region’s socialites. 

83 years later, and our mission still hasn’t changed. Life’sWork still provides opportunity, employment and independence to more than 2,000 individuals each year. And Life’sWork still serves individuals with disabilities, both adults and youth, as well as people with other barriers to employment, including at-risk youth, single parents and people transitioning off public assistance. 

What is our mission?

Life’sWork of Western PA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the quality of life of persons with disabilities and others with barriers to employment through productive employment opportunities.

What is considered a disability or employment barrier?

A disability can be physical or mental.  A barrier can be considered to be anything that is preventing a person from obtaining employment.  For example a teenager who is on probation, a person with a drug or alcohol addiction, a single mother who cannot find child care, someone who may not have certain skills to enter into the competitive work force.

How is someone referred to Life’sWork?

Life’sWork continues to build upon strong working relationships with referral sources to ensure continued sustainability of the program: the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), Southwestern Pennsylvania County MH/MR units, Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Pittsburgh Public Schools and other Allegheny County school districts.

How do clients get to Life’sWork?

Life’sWork does not have a residential program.  Most clients use public transportation, are driven by family members or use access.

How many clients work at Life’sWork?

Approximately 200 clients work in our production area each day and receive a Life’sWork paycheck

How many clients do you serve a year?

Over 2,000

How long is a client in a Life’sWork program?

There is no set limit as to how long someone is in a program.  It can be a couple days to as long as needed.  We have a few clients that have been with us from 30-40 years.  Life’sWork’s goal and mission is to help our clients gain independence and be able to find a job in the competitive work force.  Sometimes it just takes a little longer for some people.  We are here as long as they need us.  We have an open door policy that even after you leave Life’sWork if there is something you need and we can help you with we will.

What is the youngest client Life’sWork serves?

Our ages range from 14-up (our oldest client is 85 years old)