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Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop

The Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop Training Program, a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop that is independently owned and operated by not-for-profit organizations for the purpose of providing on-the-job training to youth who face employment barriers.


Located at 936 Penn Avenue in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, Life'sWork's Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop is one of only three PartnerShops in the U.S. and is an important part of Ben & Jerry's corporate social mission. The Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop Training Program directly impacts the lives of youth with disabilities and at-risk youth and benefits the entire community.



By reducing the high school dropout rate, decreasing recidivism and providing an opportunity for youth to become wage-earning, tax-paying citizens, the Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop Training Program has seen graduates who are more focused and have a higher self-esteem.


In addition, by identifying potential dropouts as early as possible and providing intensive intervention, the Ben & Jerry's PartnerShop Training Program has helped to decrease the need for students to rely on public assistance and other social programs throughout their lives.

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Vocational Evaluation

Youth Programs

Adult Programs




  • Job Placment
  • Supported Employment
  • Case Managment
  • Vocation Evaluations Assessments
  • Travel Orientation
  • Job Coaching
  • Staff & Peer Mentoring
  • Employment Preparation Activities
  • Project Choice -Self-sufficiency program for juvenile offenders and at-risk youth (ages 12-21) with or without disabilities.
  • Project Match - Helping young adults between the ages of 16 and 23 with significant disabilities to transition from the classroom to the working world.
  • Workforce Investment Act program - A work readiness program for young adults between the ages of 17 and 21 that focuses on preparing them for the workforce through several work experiences and evaluations.


  • Connections - Customer Service Representative 8-Week Training Course
  • Mobile Work Crew - Janitorial Training Program
  • Sewickley Creek Greenhouse - Training youth and adults with disabilities in every aspect of the horticulture industry
  • One of 3 PartnerShops in the U.S. that provides real life work experiences to youth that face barriers to employment.
  • An innovative business model, one that blends business and mission related work for all around benefit.