Our clients are our Life'sWork

About Us

Mission Statement

Life’sWork of Western PA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the quality of life of persons with disabilities and others with barriers to employment through productive employment opportunities.


Last year, Life’sWork celebrated 90 years of championing the cause of individuals with disabilities. More than 100,000 individuals of all ages with disabilities or other employment barriers have utilized Life'sWork to achieve independence and self-sufficiency. On average we serve over 2,000 clients a year ranging from youth as young as 14 to adults, as well as people with other barriers to employment, including at-risk youth, single parents and people transitioning off public assistance.

What we define as a barrier isn’t always a disability that is visible to the eye, we also serve those with barriers you can’t see. There is one thing that all of the people we serve do have in common: they want to work. Most importantly, they are very proud of their accomplishments, and so are we.